The complete Flyfoil Range includes a range of boards that cover a wide range of foil sports including; Kitefoil, SUPfoil, Pronesurf, Wakesurf, and Wingsurf. We feature three models of Kitefoilboards, the J-Concept, the Extreme Compact lines, as well as the X-Over Crossover Directional/foilboards as well. Our Prone Surf line includes PCX which can be crossed over for Kitefoiling and Prone Surfing. Our Wingboard Line: includes WX Crossover as well as our latest totally Dedicated Wingsurfing boards.

Board Constructions: the updated version “J-Concept 4G’s”, the new “EC” Extreme Compact, the “KiteX” crossovers, and the “PCX” Prone-Concept cross boards, and a new line of Wingsurf Boards “the WSX series”. These models fill out the FlyFoil™ offerings this season. From, smallest to tallest, the entire range includes a 2’6″, 3’0″, 3’6″, 4’0″, 4’6″, 5’0″, 5’6″, and 6’0″. 

Extreme Compact Series: The smallest boards we make are the are the EC’s which are the most Extreme-Compact lightweight performance kitefoilboards. The EC model is the minified version of the JC series boards. The EC are also a favorite of many advanced wake-foilers. EC boards have all of the strength or the JC but a fraction of the length. 

JC BOARDS: The newest JC Kitefoil Boards are now the “4G’s” (4th generation) based on our super-successful “JC” J-Concept Series. Featuring a similar concave deck, soft rails, chine-curve bottom, and subtle nose-scoop to complete the package. Updates include subtle shape tweaks and an updated materials layup with full-carbon-sandwich now standard. The JC series are equally at home freefoiling, foilstye, kitefoiling, and wakefoiling. 

Crossover Boards: The new “JCX” is a crossover version of the JC featuring optional Quad-fin setup for un-foiled riding. This makes the ideal setup for travelers, that want one board to do the job of two. The 4’0″ JCWX is a wider all-round shape that will handle a range of conditions, and ride styles. It is still fast, and knows no limits other than your tolerance to adrenaline. The PCX boards are the Prone Surf Crossovers. They are among the most versatile boards in the range, as they are designed to be ridden “foiled or unfoiled”.

Universal Track Mount system: All Flyfoil boards feature the Universal US-Box Track Mount system compatible with most foil systems, and our track-boxes allow for any adjustments required for different riders and ride-styles. All our boards can be paired with any one of our Flyfoil Foil setups. Grab a Flyfoil board and your favorite Foil and come “FLY” with us.

Wingsurf Board Range: Flyfoil has been at the forefront of Wingsurf board design for several years. Our range has expanded to include several new models and sizes this year.  Our Wing surf board collection is designed and developed by Dave Dorn.  

Our Smallest Boards are from the Custom Line of Quad Concave WFD, Dedicated Windfoil boards. Smaller models starting at 4’8″ and 50 Liters, the 4″10″ 55L,

5’0″ 84 liter, Super Compact WFC, which is the ultimate Zeit Geist. Incorporating Wing-surfing’s latest design trends from fully-tucked-under rails, and chunky thickness, and compact lengths. 

And Introducing the new larger Wingfoil “Cruise line QC” at 5’10” and 150 liters. Our largest models are the 6’6″ 195 Liter “Dominator-QC”

The pride of the fleet this model-year is undoubtedly the super-impressive 7-foot by 220-Liter “Boxer Class XL”.     

New Air-Ride Inflatable Foilboard is the perfect travel buddy.

Travel Friendly: No need to transport your board on your roof top, or lug it through airports or pay massive baggage fees. The Air-ride is compact and folds down to a stealthy easy-to-transport size. Comes with SUP pump, that can double as your wing pump, and a carry bag/backpack. Just throw it in the trunk of your car or taxi and take it with you.  The freedom to take your board with you opens up more opportunities for travel-related riding,  and for those spontaneous sessions. With a compact board now you can keep your gear with you at all times, and get out whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

LEGEND: EC = Extreme Compact, JC =J-Concept, JCW = Wide, AB = Airblade, PC = Prone Concept, WSB = Wingsurfing Board, WSX = Wingsurf Crossover, WFC = Wind-Foil Compact, XO = Crossover, 3K = Carbon Cloth Finish, BC = Brushed Carbon (Finish), QC = Quad Concave, FC = Full Carbon, IF = Inflatable.

The Flyfoil Feeling

Please note: our boards are not mass-produced. Each Flyfoil board is an individual hand-crafted creation.