Foil Riding Tips

Avoid Low Tide and Shallow Water: Obviously shallow water in the enemy of foilboards. But so too are the unexpected coral heads or underwater obstructions that can suddenly appear. An area that is relatively safe at high tide can become hazardous when the tide drops, or when the water level drops, such as in lakes and rivers. Continue reading “Foil Riding Tips”

Why Hydrofoil

As any wakeboarder or surfer can tell you, the best time to surf or ride is when the water is glassy. This usually occurs at specific times example at sunrise, or in protected areas out of the wind. Whenever it starts to get windy the surface of the water is agitated and chop starts to develop. This makes wakeboarding and surfing and other watersports harder. As the surface becomes more and more bumpy. Continue reading “Why Hydrofoil”