Avoid Sun Damage

Sun Damage: Your skin can burn in as little as 15 minutes of direct sun exposure, and at the same time the sun-damage is happening to your foil gear. You skin can usually heal itself but unfortunately your gear cannot.  Every minute of sun exposure is degrading your equipment and prematurely aging it. So whenever possible, try put your gear in the shade and keep it undercover. Put gear into gear bags and try to protect it from unnecessary sun exposure. You can never undo sun exposure. All gear has a limited life expectancy. Equipment failure will happen after “x-number” of sun hours. The darker colors absorb more of the UV radiation, and are more susceptible to sun damage. If you are living in a super sunny and hot environment, then you should consider ordering a lighter color. Lighter colors tend to reflect more of the UV rays

Heat Damage: The worst place to leave your gear is in your locked car parked in full sun, for the whole day, day after day. Heat will literally cook your gear, and will damage it, especially over the long term. Wetsuits (and other neoprene items) dry up, crack, and lose their stretchiness, PVC and plastics becomes unglued and may become brittle. Closed-cavity air pockets (such as the interior of an EPS surfboard) will expand when heated and may explode a board if repeatedly overheated. Large volume EPS boards (Like SUP Boards) often have a “vent plug” that needs to be opened when the board is not in use (but it also needs to be closed off again before use). Carbon Items like masts, fuselages, and wings can sometimes warp and bend if they are left in extreme heat, especially of there is any weight on them.

“At 70 degrees on a sunny day, after a half hour, the temperature inside a car is 104 degrees. After an hour, it can reach 113 degrees.” “When temperatures outside range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130 to 172.”  https://heatkills.org/how-hot/