Flyfoil 4’0″ Crossover  Kitefoilboard

JCWX4G40 4thGen 4’0″

This is a totally new model. A wide yet compact 4-foot crossover foilboard/kiteboard. Perfect for travelers and all-round riders. This board up to a foot shorter than many beginner production foilboards, so it offers quite a bit more performance. The 40WX is a high performance crossover. The board features a full Quad-fin Setup. Including a set of 4x twin-tab fins compatible with all FCS systems. The fins are fully removable/optional. This board can go from Foiler to Quad-fin kiteboard with ease.The perfect travel companion if you want one single board to handle both deepwater and shallow water. The deck features a concave shape and full-deck EVA grip pad for wake style riding and better strapless performance. *3 colors to choose from.

JCW4G40W 4thGen 4’0″
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Universal Adapter Plate for Foils

Many people curious about foiling may want to save money by converting an old board into a Foilboard. This is possible with the Universal Adapter Plate. This Peel&Stick plate rigidly adheres to almost any board, and makes it a viable foilboard. A little preparation, care, and some time, but the result is worthwhile. The Adapter Kit and shipping is under $200, which is by far the most affordable way to set up a foilboard. The advantage of this system is that you can remove it afterward if you need to. *Additional products/tools recommended/required to remove pad.

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Demo Center – Mui Ne Vietnam

We have just opened a new Flyfoil Kite demo center in Vietnam. Located on the world class Mui Ne Kite Beach. We are in partnership with our friends at the newly created Session Sports Kite School. This center is the exclusive ocean sports center located at the Saigon Mui Ne resort. With one of the longest beach frontages in Mui Ne. Talk to any of their instructors about Flyfoil Gear. They ride them and use them in their school. These guys are hard-core freestylers as well as avid foilers too. Test rides on the New Gear is available by appointment. Test Rides (without a rental or lesson) are usually limited to 30 minute rides, and please take care and ride responsibly, because “if you bust it you buy it”.

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New Stabilizer for 2019

Introducing the newest addition to the Flyfoil quiver. The New “Mark 3” Stabilizer is a Carbon 3K Wing. Nicknamed “the boomerang”, this stabilizer offers a higher aspect shape and upswept wing tips. The technical name for the shape is Inverted-anhedral. This rear wing is available as an add-on accessory, but may become one of our standard options soon. Supplies are strictly limited so drop us a line asap if you want one. 

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Foil Riding Tips

Avoid Low Tide and Shallow Water: Obviously shallow water in the enemy of foilboards. But so too are the unexpected coral heads or underwater obstructions that can suddenly appear. An area that is relatively safe at high tide can become hazardous when the tide drops, or when the water level drops, such as in lakes and rivers. Continue reading “Foil Riding Tips”

Why Hydrofoil

As any wakeboarder or surfer can tell you, the best time to surf or ride is when the water is glassy. This usually occurs at specific times example at sunrise, or in protected areas out of the wind. Whenever it starts to get windy the surface of the water is agitated and chop starts to develop. This makes wakeboarding and surfing and other watersports harder. As the surface becomes more and more bumpy. Continue reading “Why Hydrofoil”