New Air-Ride Inflatable Foilboard

New Air-Ride Inflatable Foilboard is the perfect travel buddy.

Travel Friendly: No need to transport your board on your roof top, or lug it through airports or pay massive baggage fees. The Air-ride is compact and folds down to a stealthy easy-to-transport size. Comes with SUP pump, that can double as your wing pump, and a carry bag/backpack. Just throw it in the trunk of your car or taxi and take it with you.  The freedom to take your board with you opens up more opportunities for travel-related riding,  and for those spontaneous sessions. With a compact board now you can keep your gear with you at all times, and get out whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Air-tough: The Air-ride is tough double-layer material that will not ding or crack when you drop it or bang into a solid object. Should you ever get a leak it comes with a repair kit. But with normal care it will last for many years.  

Care for your ride: Like any sports gear, do not leave it in the sun. And do not store it outdoors. Preferable just rinse, dry, pack, and forget. Many riders with vans (like myself) and trucks will keep it semi-inflated, and add a top-up of air just before riding.  It is not recommended to keep the Air-ride fully inflated for long periods (days), but the occasional overnighter wont hurt it.

Performance: The key to the air-ride is the foil mounting system. Built from a super-tough multi-layer carbon-fiber. Light, stiff, and strong. The extended mount provides extra stiffness throughout the entire stance area and connects the rider’s input to the foil. Jumping is also an option as this board will never develop heel dents, or stress-fractures from hard landings, like hard boards can. The air-ride can take a lot of abuse. 

Fun: Above all the air-ride is a fun machine. The ease of pump-and-go riding takes the hassle out of your sessions, and leaves you more time to enjoy your ride. 

Specs: The 5’5″ 120L Air-ride comes with a full deck EVA pad for comfort and grip. Three footstraps (removable),  SUP pump, Back-pack carry sack, and repair kit.

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Flyfoil 4’0″ Crossover  Kitefoilboard

JCWX4G40 4thGen 4’0″

This is a totally new model. A wide yet compact 4-foot crossover foilboard/kiteboard. Perfect for travelers and all-round riders. This board up to a foot shorter than many beginner production foilboards, so it offers quite a bit more performance. The 40WX is a high performance crossover. The board features a full Quad-fin Setup. Including a set of 4x twin-tab fins compatible with all FCS systems. The fins are fully removable/optional. This board can go from Foiler to Quad-fin kiteboard with ease. Continue reading “Flyfoil 4’0″ Crossover  Kitefoilboard”

Wingsurf Boards

FLYFOIL WINGSURF BOARDS: Introducing our newest line of Wingsurfing Boards. The Wingsurf Foilboards are designed for Wingsurfing first, they are not repurposed SUP boards. Wingsurfing boards will experience more extreme loads than traditional “sup” foilboards, and they need to be stronger. Our boards are built for wingsurfing from the ground up, and every detail have been considered. 

Flyfoil Wingboards come as 100% dedicated, or in a XO cross-over model boards. The XO models are able to fly foiled, or unfoiled. Xover Boards incorporate FCS Style Quadfins for unfoiled riding. And can easily switch between Wing, Sup, Prone, Flight-Modes.

Construction: Our wingsurf boards are built tough with  Full-Carbon Lam/Foam-Sandwich exo-shell construction over our Hardcore™ (HDEPSPVC) core technology.

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Universal Adapter Plate for Foils

Many people curious about foiling may want to save money by converting an old board into a Foilboard. This is possible with the Universal Adapter Plate. This Peel&Stick plate rigidly adheres to almost any board, and makes it a viable foilboard. A little preparation, care, and some time, but the result is worthwhile. The Adapter Kit and shipping is under $200, which is by far the most affordable way to set up a foilboard. The advantage of this system is that you can remove it afterward if you need to. *Additional products/tools recommended/required to remove pad.

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