Foilboard Lineup

Foilboard Lineup

Our foilboard range includes several crossover models that are rapidly gaining POPULARITY. The range crosses sports with these popular sizes.  Ride it your way: Strapless, Strapped, or Hooked.

Cross-over “J-Concept” available in 3 sizes:  3’6″, 4’0″, 4’6″.

Features & Benefits

  • EPS PVC  Hand-Shaped Core.
  • Hydrofoil Specific Shape to the needs of riding a foil.
  • Footstrap Inserts – 1 or 2  Strap.
  • Full Carbon/composite for lightweight and max strength.
  • Chine-Curved Hull for soft touchdowns and water deflection.
  • Foil Track Mounting System.
  • Full Deck EVA Traction Pad.
 J-Concept 3’6″ USD $899.00
 J-Concept 4’0″ USD $950.00
 J-Concept 4’6″ USD $999.00

*Base Board with Deckpad included , straps not included.