N10 Foil Wings

The N10 series of Foil Wings are new for 2020. These are compatible with our Kite and Kite/Surf series Foils setups. The N10s have all-new shapes with thinner-faster profiles.

These wings are constructed using a heavy-duty Solid-Core that can take higher loads and occasional crashes. Thes wings are available individually and will quickly bolt onto our other setups. N10s may also be compatible with several other foil systems out there (please ask). Limited availability, but more coming soon, N10 wings can also be back-ordered.

N10 Front Wing 60x16cm 1000 cm² (155 in²)
N10 Front Wing 60x20cm 1250 cm² (192 in²)
N10 Front Wing 65x25cm 1500 cm² (233 in²)
N10 Back Wing 30x7cm 203 cm² (31.5 in²)
N10 Back Wing 37x10cm 361 cm² (56 in²)

Ask your Flyfoil dealer or check our online store for availability.