New Glide Foil

Introducing our New foil for SUP-foiling and Wingsurfing. The Glide features a new larger wing set with maximum lift and improved glide. This is a higher aspect shape that allows easier pumping and longer gliding.  The Glide front wing has a high aspect ratio of 4 which is ideal for this style of riding. This model is available in two different constructions. 1)Standard: which features stiff extruded aircraft aluminum Mast, precision CNC aluminum mast-foot and fuselage, Carbon fiber  wings are standard. and 2)Carbon-Plus: Featuring an autoclaved Carbon Fiber Mast, Carbon base-plate, Carbon Fuselage, and Carbon sandwich Foilwings for a stiff and light foil.



Glued and screwed connection of mast and base plate for extra rigid connection and maximum durability


Track foil mount base plate – allows tuning through the mounting position.


Individual tuning through optional shim system – changes the stab angle of attack.



This foil gives the rider that ability to cruise in lighter winds, and more pop in jumps, even when traveling a lower speeds. The added span gives the best mix of stability and security. 

The Glide is designed to be added onto many model Flyfoil® sets, and can be purchased as complete sets with mast and fuselage, or purchased as foilwing-only. Sets come with all the necessary stainless steel fitting hardware and 2x allen-wrench tools. 


Wings and fuselages are fully interchangeable for most model Flyfoil® sets, for upgrades and tuning according to conditions and rider level.