Prone Foil Surfboards

Our new PCX board is a Prone Foil Surfboard. The PCX is also a true crossover, with foil mount tracks as well as a full Quad-fin setup so you can ride it foiled or unfoiled. FYI, This board can be Prone-foil-surfed, Surfed, Kitefoiled, Kitesurfed, or Wingsurfed.

The Hull design features a compact yet high volume board, to make wave catching a breeze. The hull shape features our tried and true “Tri-plane” shape for superior tracking and speed, while allowing spirited turniness when hard over on the rails. The board’s rocker line features a generous amount of nose-scoop to handle rough water, and the inevitable touch-downs. It also comes in handy when making those late take-offs and dropping down the steepest wave faces.

The deck features our favorite concave shape, to help lower your CG, while locking your feet in for strapless riding. The deck is covered with a full-length EVA deckpad. And comes with the right number of footstrap inserts. You can ride this board Strapless, 1-strap, 2-straps, or with a 3-strap setup.

Construction: This board is built out of our best materials, including our Hardcore HDEPS/PVC Composite foam plugs, and the shell is constructed using a full carbon-fiber-hdfoam sandwich for maximum stiffness and strength. Carbon stringers support the board’s hi-tech exo-skeleton. Please note that all our boards are precision-built and hand-crafted to precise specifications. No mass-produced boards here. Every Flyfoil board is an unique creation engineered to provide maximum enjoyment and reliable service.

Board Specs: This board measures in at a compact 5’0″, and packs in an impressive 54 liters of volume. The track mount is a full 10.5 inch track for tuning and trimming. *Now also available in 4’6″, and 6’0″ sizes.