Flyfoil Crossover Surf-foilboard PCX4G 6’0″ (demo)



Flyfoil Crossover Surf-foilboard PCX-4G  6’0″

This board is used Demo. Used a few times, perfect condition. Comes as board-only. Includes 3 footstraps, and 4x Fins for quad-fin setup. Fits all universal track-mount foils. This item is a quality Flyfoil Product.  See photos for details.

Flyfoil Crossover Surf-foilboard PCX4G 6’0″ (DEMO)

This is a totally new model. A medium-wide and thick 6’0″ crossover Surf-foilboard/kitefoilboard. Perfect for all-round riders. This board is a high volume compact platform giving stability and floatation, in a classic length. Carbon-sandwich construction, so it offers high performance.

Flyfoil Crossover Surf-foilboard PCX4G 6’0″ is a high-performance crossover. The board features a full Quad-fin Setup. Including a set of 4x twin-tab fins compatible with all FCS systems. The fins are fully removable/optional. This board can go from Foiler to Quad-fin with ease. The perfect travel companion if you want one single board to handle both foiling and non-foiling, examples: deepwater and shallow water. The deck features a concave shape and full-deck EVA grip pad for extreme riding, freestyle, and better strapless performance. *See Photos for Details.

STRAPS: This board comes with our adaptable strap setup, with placement options for 0, 1, 2, or 3-strap configurations.
SHAPE: Design-wise, it has a wide and thick hull, tri-plane-concave-to-vee, with generous nose scoop, a sick concave deck, and a full EVA deckpad.
STRENGTH: Built with a super-strong full-foam-sandwich and Double wrap carbon construction makes this board tough enough to handle the roughest conditions, and hard riding.
INCLUDES: 3x Footstraps, 4x Fins (quad).
Each Flyfoil Board is an individual hand-built creation (not a mass-produced board). For more product information go to
Length 6’0″ (182.9cm)
Fixation 2 Us box ( 9 cm * 25,4 cm)
Width 21.7 inches (55cm)
Weight 6.5 kg
Volume 63.8 L
Thickness:Tail 7.3cm” Nose 6.3cm
MODEL: Flyfoil® Surf-foilboard 6’0″
STRAPS: Footstrap options: 0-3 (includes 3x footstraps)
MOUNT: Universal Trackmount US Box System.
LAM: Carbon Fiber Lamination 2x
DECK: Full EVA Deck Pad,
BUILD: Carbon-Fiber-Foam-Sandwich over Duracore.
FINISH: Brushed Carbon/Gloss.

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