Flyfoil KiteSurf Foil Set (new)

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Flyfoil KiteSurf Foil Set – New


Flyfoil KiteSurf Foil Set
100% Full Carbon Construction. This is the latest Flyfoil™ 2ndGen Kitefoil setup. This is by far our most popular Full Carbon Fiber model to date. Made from the best performance materials for strength and lightness. It suits all level of foilers up to expert.

Wings: Full carbon “Hilift” early-lifting wing, and stabilizer.
(Compare to: “Lift” Brand Big Easy Foil).
Mount System: US track mount system.
Suitability: Suits Kitefoiling, Wave, and Foilstyling.
Mast: Full-Depth 90cm as standard.
Comes with all necessary Stainless steel hardware (hex bolts), 2 x Allen wrench,
Boardmounting hardware includes: 4x Brass Track plates, and 4x SS hex-bolts.
Tools Included: Hex Wrench 4mm, and 6mm.
Board not included.
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Foil Design Specs – KiteSurf Setup:

100% Carbon Mast Plate, 3K carbon cloth matte finish.
Fuselage: 68cm (total)
Mount Type: Plate Mount system, suits all US Track Box, and some Bolt-thru mounts
Wing Mount Type: Universal bolt-on (cross-compatible with several other brands).
Spare Parts: Spares and accessories available.
Features: Fully disassemblable parts for travel.
Note new G2 model now comes with: Fused mast-plate, and HD mast as standard.