Flyfoil wing surf boards 2021 – Video

Hello welcome, today we’re going to do a little unveiling of our new 2021 fly foil wing surfboard. This is the smaller of the boards this is a 4’10” by 55 liters so the specs can all be seen here at the back of the board okay 4’10” by 25.2 wide, three inches thick so it’s a little thinner than your average wing board but this is a high-performance model. Continue reading “Flyfoil wing surf boards 2021 – Video”

Wingsurf Boards

FLYFOIL WINGSURF BOARDS: Introducing our newest line of Wingsurfing Boards. The Wingsurf Foilboards are designed for Wingsurfing first, they are not repurposed SUP boards. Wingsurfing boards will experience more extreme loads than traditional “sup” foilboards, and they need to be stronger. Our boards are built for wingsurfing from the ground up, and every detail have been considered. 

Flyfoil Wingboards come as 100% dedicated, or in a XO cross-over model boards. The XO models are able to fly foiled, or unfoiled. Xover Boards incorporate FCS Style Quadfins for unfoiled riding. And can easily switch between Wing, Sup, Prone, Flight-Modes.

Construction: Our wingsurf boards are built tough with  Full-Carbon Lam/Foam-Sandwich exo-shell construction over our Hardcore™ (HDEPSPVC) core technology.

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