The Flyfoil Commitment

At Flyfoil™ we are committed to provide the best gear for riders by riders. To this end we always “ride what we sell and we sell what we ride”. Many “Pro-teams” will have specially produced “versions” of their gear, designed and built to “contest specs”, that usually means that the boards and gear the Pros are ridding is way different to what you can buy. A contest-weight board may be 1/3 of the weight of the production board, (and might barely last long enough to win an event). At Fly foil we ride real boards for real conditions, and to that end we only ride the gear that we intend to sell. Of course there will be some prototyping and some gear that never makes it into final production, but we always make a real version of the gear we are testing and riding. So we know that if it can survive the critical standards and hard riding of our crew then it should be ready for real riders in real conditions.