Universal Adapter Plate for Foils

Many people curious about foiling may want to save money by converting an old board into a Foilboard. This is possible with the Universal Adapter Plate. This Peel&Stick plate rigidly adheres to almost any board, and makes it a viable foilboard. A little preparation, care, and some time, but the result is worthwhile. The Adapter Kit and shipping is under $200, which is by far the most affordable way to set up a foilboard. The advantage of this system is that you can remove it afterward if you need to. *Additional products/tools recommended/required to remove pad.

A dedicated Foilboard is a great thing to have, but with the adapter plate you can still use your board, Example: SUP board converted with the Universal Plate Adapter, can still be used as a SUP. A smaller surfboard or TT Kite with the plate may not ride too good with the plate on, because of the added friction, as the plate sticks up about 1.5cm.

Now there is one less excuse not to get into foiling, and an easy and affordable way to add more boards to your foil quiver.