Wing-foil-EC Extreme Compact Board


Meet Wing-surfing’s Zeitgeist, the Wingfoil-EC. In keeping with the latest design trends in the sport, this board features an extreme compact shape, that packs in extra buoyancy in its short +thick profile. Built for initial stability for easier starts, and a shortened rocker profile to allow rapid acceleration. There has never been a line of boards quite like this. The Flyfoil WF-EC is pushing wind-foiling into new territories and hitherto unexplored realms. This board’s construction features a Hardcore center, as well as 100% Carbon-foam-Sandwich exo-shell. With added Carbon-stringer-bands to reinforce the entire package. This board comes with a full complement of footstrap options. An extraordinarily large amount of volume packed into its sporty length, as well as having a fine-tuned CofL for perfect balance. The “Universal” US-track system is hard-mounted into PVC adding to the overall structure and thoughtful engineering of this board.

Board Pictured: WF-EC 5’0″ x 84 liters.