Wingsurf Boards

FLYFOIL WINGSURF BOARDS: Introducing our newest line of Wingsurfing Boards. The Wingsurf Foilboards are designed for Wingsurfing first, they are not repurposed SUP boards. Wingsurfing boards will experience more extreme loads than traditional “sup” foilboards, and they need to be stronger. Our boards are built for wingsurfing from the ground up, and every detail have been considered. 

Flyfoil Wingboards come as 100% dedicated, or in a XO cross-over model boards. The XO models are able to fly foiled, or unfoiled. Xover Boards incorporate FCS Style Quadfins for unfoiled riding. And can easily switch between Wing, Sup, Prone, Flight-Modes.

Construction: Our wingsurf boards are built tough with  Full-Carbon Lam/Foam-Sandwich exo-shell construction over our Hardcore™ (HDEPSPVC) core technology.

Hull Design: Our proven Triplane-Concave, Soft Chine Hull, with subtle Foil-tuned rocker lines, makes for a fast and smooth ride no matter how harsh the conditions. Extra flotation is thoughtfully distributed and balanced for both planing and sub-planing conditions. This makes this board especially Wing friendly without detracting from its high-end performance.    Concave deck, and strap inserts for 0-3 footstraps. Straps can be setup Straight or “V” configuration. 

Including: Comes with Full Deck EVA deck pad.  XO model comes with 4 twin-tab fins (quad), Deck/bottom carry handle, tail-mounted leash plug, and all Wingsurf boards come with three (3) adjustable footstraps and screws. 

*Shipping cost varies

Wingsurfing Boards for the extreme rider: Wingsurfing has many different expressions. Wingsurf has quickly been pushed to the extreme with riders taking to the waves and doing freestyle and jumping. Of course this extreme riding puts added forces into a board, and most boards are not designed to tolerate constant abuse. The Flyfoil Wingsurfer boards are designed for extreme use, and they are built tougher than the majority of SUP and Wing specific foilboards out there. Flyfoils have been always been developed and tested in a high performance environment.

Special consideration has been given to Jumping and rough-water riding. Strategic Reinforcement and the inclusion of high-performance materials, as well as proven engineering, such as full wrap Foam Sandwich provides the strength and endurance that is demanded by our hardest riders. Of course there will always be a trade off for some additional weight where strength is concerned. So we are constantly reevaluating and revising our constructions to ensure that the we get the most of our materials for the best marriage of strength to weight. 

About Foam Sandwich: The aerospace industry has long known that the strength and stiffness of a composite structure can be increased significantly with little additional weight by laminating a light-weight core material between two skins. The the innovative use of exotic materials in the core of the sandwich serves to distribute shear stresses from loads over a wider area and resist shear and compressive forces better than a single-faced laminate. Flyfoil boards are made with a FS foam sandwich “exoshell”, to greatly improve the stiffness, resilience,  and strength of the board’s overall structure. 

Carbon Fiber Composite: Flyfoil boards utilize the best materials for ideal strength to weight characteristics. Including 100% CF wrap, as well as Carbon stringers and specific reinforcements. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger than traditional materials, and is up to 16 to 25x stronger than steel. Various exotic materials are utilized along with the Carbon in specific areas, and multi directional S and E-Glass fibers are used where desirable. The carbon fiber give us a huge advantage in strength and stiffness.